Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever suffered terrible headaches... Or uncontrollable joint pain...

If you’ve ever felt listless and sapped of energy... Or immobilised by colon cramps...

I’ll bet you’ve wondered hundreds of
times... WHY ME???

But it’s not just you. It’s an epidemic. Millions of people are going to their doctors, complaining of these symptoms, only to hear them say “live with it”…


But that’s exactly the problem. We’re living with dozens of 21st century poisons. Recent studies have now proven:

Is there any end to all this bad news?

Now, at last, there is. Because now, one of alternative medicine’s true pioneers is proving that you could save yourself a lifetime of suffering caused by these poisons.

Meet Jon Barron.
One of the world’s foremost authorities in cutting edge nutrition

After becoming frustrated with mainstream medicine, Jon Barron began to pursue the study of alternative medicine, over 25 years ago. Since that time, he has lectured internationally, spearheaded cutting-edge research and developed some of the world’s most powerful protocols. Renowned as author of Lessons From the “Miracle Doctors,” he’s praised by many health professionals as a “miracle worker” himself.

“Hopeless” patients are attesting that his revolutionary Rebuild, Rejuvenate & Reform Your Health detoxification programme really could make your body feel brand new.

For years, he’s been an underground legend. And now, full details of his complete Rebuild, Rejuvenate & Reform Your Health programme is available in South Africa to all FSP subscribers who request it – RISK-FREE.

You’ll learn...

The cause of your joint or muscle pain
could be lurking in your colon...

That’s right. Because this is where all the pesticides and contaminants in our food wind up. Unfortunately, they often irritate the colon so much, it gets virtually paralysed... Or goes spastic!

Either way, it’s not getting rid of the toxins.

And as they collect and spread through your system, the result can be: 

And a host of “mysterious” aches and pains everywhere else.

But Jon Barron will share with you the secrets and tell you how he has helped hundreds of sufferers cleanse their systems of these poisons, ending a lifetime of pain in as little as 5 days.

In fact, as you’ll see, the liver is the purification plant for your blood. So, it too gets incredibly stressed by environmental toxins.

High blood pressure?
Your liver could be the culprit...

And not only can this raise your blood pressure, but it could also lead to:  

  Yes! I want to drive out toxins from my body

But now you’ll learn how to
repair an ailing liver...

First, you’ll discover how to rid your liver of toxic wastes. Then you’ll find out how to remove all of its excess fat deposits. Finally you’ll learn the secret of regenerating damaged liver cells...

And as you do, you may find your “incurable” problems melt away like snow in the spring. (Jon Barron will even show you how you could get rid of gallstones without surgery.)

Constantly sick with colds, flu and other bugs? 
The answer could be coursing through your veins

Believe it or not, just 1% of your blood cells bear the responsibility of defending your entire body from these germ invaders. The problem is, they also have to protect you from heavy metals and other toxic residues that find their way into your bloodstream...

And these days, they get easily overwhelmed.

When that happens, your entire immune system breaks down. Your blood itself turns toxic – and actually becomes a super highway for viruses, bacteria and poisons.

Eventually, this corrodes your blood vessels leading to:

And many other conditions, ranging from leg pain to senile dementia.

But now you could learn how to cleanse your blood of bacteria,
viruses and heavy metals...

Up until recently, this might have involved an expensive course of chelation therapy. But Jon Barron will tell you about:

See how simple it can be to

Jon Barron’s Rebuild, Rejuvenate & Reform Your Health programme makes this “impossible dream” so easy and understandable... Everyone over age 30 should know how to do it. Because no matter how healthy you’re feeling right now...

We all live on planet Earth. With each passing year, we all take in a growing load of pollutants. And anyone planning on living a long, healthy life had better know the secrets of detox.

So why not test-drive your own
renewed body... RISK-FREE!

Just click the button below and let Jon Barron guide you through this step-by-step programme. He provides complete day-by-day directions, dosage guidelines, even recipes. He shows you where to find all the natural “helpers” you’ll need. He’ll tell you what to expect and exactly how everything works.

  Yes! I want to drive out toxins from my body

Now, it’s up to you.

Don’t make your body muddle through for even one more day. Give it the ultimate healing programme. And glory in the new you!

Here’s to your good health!

Shimanga Mubitana

P.S. By special arrangement, FSP subscribers will have the first opportunity to preview Jon Barron’s revolutionary Rebuild, Rejuvenate & Reform Your Health programme, RISK-FREE for 60 days.

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